Rob Jalil

After 15 years experience building presentations, art directing and managing various international projects, Rob decided to start a new type of graphics agency, one focused on the demands of live events but one aiming as high as humanly possible. Bringing together the best and the brightest in the space he is incredibly committed to flawless execution and happy clients.


Georgie Badman

After many years of on-the-road graphics work for global IPOs and high-end presentations, Georgie set up and ran a successful Australian media production agency for 7 years. She is an expert in presentation design but she also knows about managing your projects, hitting deadlines and keeping costs down.


Michael Moore

As an award winning animator, editor and 3D artist Michael's list of abilities and skills are genuinely overwhelming, but it is in his creative direction that he is unstoppable. Able to take a brief and breathe life into it using whatever medium is appropriate there are few more able to help you really speak to your audience.




Joel Freeman

Joel has spent more of his life making and delivering the finest presentations than not so if anyone knows how to avoid an upcoming crisis or deliver amazing results under extreme pressure then it is him. Joel can instinctively move your presentation in the best possible direction and design pretty much anything you like in less time than you thought possible.



With a solid background in print and digital marketing across many industries Erin’s experience allows her to deliver exquisite design in whatever medium is appropriate. Her creative and design talents combined with project management abilities, ensures impeccable work on time and on budget. Designing, story-boarding and managing the creation and production of content for live events is a large part of the strength she brings to the company



A designer by trade with over 10 years’ industry experience, within the world of live events. He’s not just any designer…creative, quick, quirky AND dead easy going. Jonathan can make any presentation look like "not just any presentation" and can turn a ‘can you just’ into a work of art before your very eyes.